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Invest in Africa - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & Botswana | Savannah Business Consultants


Investing in Africa

There has never been a better time to invest in Africa given the explosion of opportunities being witnessed across most if not all countries in the continent.

The middle class is on the rise in every African country, which means demand for most consumer goods is at the very peak. More and more African governments are beginning to implement policies that make it easy for anyone to do business in Africa.

More mineral resources are being discovered across the continent, and now there is a feeling that there could actually be far much more minerals in Africa than what the continent is currently producing. All these factors have compelled global multinationals to open regional offices that are solely dedicated to doing business in Africa.

In most countries including Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania & Uganda, you will find established headquarters of leading global brands like Samsung, Nokia, Google and Siemens just to mention a few. Indeed if you ever thought of taking advantage of the vast business opportunities in Africa, this is your time or else you could as well have a regretting story to tell of how you never utilized one of the best opportunities that opened its doors to you.

You can invest in Africa in many ways including buying a business in Africa, starting an entirely new business or merging with a successful African business.

Time to act

African business analysts have continuously referred to Africa as the last frontier, meaning this is now the only region in the world where business opportunities are largely virgin. You can set up any business in Africa and be guaranteed of success because the market is simply growing for any goods or services.

The main reason why Africa is considered the world’s most opportune region for business is derived from the fact that key economic sectors are underdeveloped or not developed at all while the population’s demands are increasing by the day. It means there is a huge market that cuts across all industries.

If it is education, Africa needs strong education institutions to train the ambitious young population that needs practical skills. If it is food, Africa’s 1 billion plus population is in dire need of food. If it is lifestyle, Africa’s middle class has more than doubled its purchase power and is now demanding better value. All these factors join to make a strong, convincing case for any business person who wants to invest in Africa. There has never been a better time to invest in Africa. From Botswana to Ethiopia, Somalia to DRC, South Africa to Burundi investing in Africa is now guaranteed to produce the kind of ROI that any investor would die for. Action will make the difference.

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