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Investment Opportunities in Somalia | Savannah Business Consultants

Investing in Somalia-An Awakening Democracy

For long a basket case of a failed state in international eyes since the dethronement of Said Barre in the early 1990s, Somalia has recently returned to constitutional democracy. More so, it is attracting a mania of investment both regional and foreign. The most recent development is the announcement by the Turkish authorities that they will construct the National Assembly in exchange of landing infrastructural projects in Mogadishu, and other ports like Kismayu.
Demographically, Somalia is a resilient story of survival and one of the best examples of nurturing a hardy, optimistic people. The World Bank put the current census at 9, 555, 873 million people in the country, without including refugees in neighboring countries like Kenya and Ethiopia. That this relatively huge population subsisted for so long on charcoal, cash transfers, telecoms and pedantic cattle markets is quite an inspiring story, for the two decades of civil unrest. More so, as terrorists and pirates took over the lucrative charcoal sector in recent years, the United Nations put a cap on the trade, thus depriving even the people a source of livelihood, which goes on to prove that they still survived on other opportunities.
Business Opportunities in Somali
The Eastleigh (a mainly Somali suburb in Kenya) set up is the best example of the fervor of business the countrymen are good at. Indeed, a visitor to Nairobi need not go to Somalia to know what kind of investment to put up there by the next shipload. Eastleigh shows the growth of ICT consciousness in the people, through computer shops, and knowing the dearth of the same in Somalia, an investor can take this advantage for a ready market.
Education facilities are also at a minimum but for a few madrassa in the major cities. Starting a commercial school to replenish NGO activity can be quite fulfilling.
Infrastructure, banking, port development (especially after long-term dormancy, courtesy of piracy), and real estate are also some of the great investment opportunities in Somalia.
Enabling Policy
Somalia has a committed authority that now supersedes with regional powers, like Kenya and Ethiopia, to enhance international inclusively. The GDP is currently at $917044, and grows at 2.6 percent, meaning there is still room for improvement. The police force of the Somalia, AMISOM forces and the UN, are all playing a role in creating an enabling environment after dethroning the reign of Al Shabaab in 2012.

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